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The strength of Prophase Telecom is undoubtedly its Consulting and Development department. A company with such a technical profile offers both institutions, enterprises and telecom operators, first its team of professionals: engineers, electronic and computer technicians. Second, the experience of over 20 years developing products, systems, audio / video, telecommunications networks and services and finally a platform from which to operate various services developed.
If customer requirements do not match the products and services already developed, the consulting department is able to adapt or develop directly from scratch. This is very useful for customers and operators with new business ideas that are often confused between the multitude of possibilities, technologies and products under which you can implement the same service. But just choosing a good technological Partner as could be Prophase Telecom, can save a lot of costs and time to implement can see the light and be operational in the market.
ProphaseTelecom Consultancy is permanently in development of new products and remains at your disposal to help its partners in the strategic development of their solutions to medium and long term.