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Prophase Telecom is a global telecommunications operator, authorized since 2012 to offer products of landlines and mobile lines, mobile Internet access, wireless, coaxial cable, and fiber optics internet access. It is also able to provide point to point internet circuits , radio links in licensed and unlicensed band . This allows offering products and services to corporate customers seeking a high quality level for their high dependence on telecommunications, but particularized way that large operators often can not attend. It also offers these products and services to other telecom operators seeking tools as only from an engineering department  as Prophase Telecom has , with experience in telecommunications can be implemented without taking risks in the implementation of the different stages of projects such as telecom operators demand .
The different products and services that may be developed by Prophase electronics are shown just here:

Maintenance Network Operators

Prophase Telecom currently holds several networks Telecommunication operators . Tasks include :
- Preventive and improvement actions and operation equipment
- Corrective and troubleshooting 24x7 Actions such as:
                    Power failure and temporary replacement of energy
                    Faulty equipment
                    Replacement for damage or improvement equipment
                    Installation of new stations, expansion of coverage
                    Installing licensed links, backbone links
- Actions to weather unforeseen emergency .
- Network monitoring with real-time alarms to anticipate problems.
- System of Services for corporate clients highly professional.
- Personal and technical support operator to install new stations
- Engineering staff to coordinate planning and network optimization
- Custom development of electronics with low power consumption and high performance

Prophase Telecom support to other telecommunications operators and public administrations, experience and knowledge to improve and optimize their networks.

Network deployment for operators

Prophase Telecom has the ability to deploy networks to other telecommunications operators and public administration. They can choose from a wide range of technologies:
- Wireless Technology, satellite radio: both licensed bands as unlicensed
- Based on coaxial cable standard DOCSIS Networks
- Based Networks fiber optic: fiber to the home (FTTH)
In all, Prophase Telecom has highly qualified both in terms of design (where a detailed planning phase of requirements will lead to cost-effective solutions) as implementation and start on processes

Leased line links

Prophase Telecom, capable of transporting a large volume of data, is always working closely with local government and tourism enterprises for delivery of  point to point data circuits.
Carriers circuits are the basis of this transport are point to point links to provide high flow rates in internet access. Whenever possible, the carriers are circuits by bonding with fiber optic point to point. Should not be possible at some stage, is replaced by a radio link from areas containing fiber to areas where their existence is to complex to be unprofitable for the incumbents.
With capacities ranging from 100 Mbps to 1Gbps, the links allow reliable Internet access for a large number of users via a secured and symmetric flow.
The engineering department Prophase Telecom is responsible for the legalization of the circuits with the ministry and the correct implementation. Subsequently monitored permanently by an alarm system, the circuits can be served with a reliable and safe service.
These carrier circuits implemented by Prophase Telecom, have extreme quality and are completely transparent to the end user, who can boast of features that only fiber connections can provide.

Internet IP Transit

It is increasingly common for customers of consumer Internet access, such as public administrations and large and medium enterprises, demand for direct Internet access without going through the networks of operators. With the Internet IP Transit Service, Prophase Telecom provides direct Internet access without using the internet infrastructure shared with other costumers, nor of course the generic telecommunications network. These connections have their own public IP belonging to the client and are registered in their name. It is a connection that allows Prophase Telecom provide services to customers with very special features and limitless possibilities for the end user, which hardly can achieve with a Standard Connection as usually exist on the market.

Deployment of DOCSIS cable networks

DOCSIS is an international standard which permits the transport of Internet flow via coaxial cable networks. This has allowed to transform cable TV networks into cable TV where advanced telecommunications networks offer Internet access, VOIP and all associated services. They can get internet connections in the order of 100MB per user or even more.
Prophase Telecom has implemented a DOCSIS network in the Majorcan town of Selva and is in the deployment phase of Internet related services to be available soon to all members of the population. Also, Performs parallel deployment projects for local operators interested in turnkey solutions.

Deployment of FTTH Networks

The projects carried out by Prophase Telecom in deploying fiber networks have been a very useful when implementing fiber networks to the home (FTTH) experience. Undoubtedly, the increased flow demand by users mainly because the growing of video deman (video on demand, video streaming, etc..). This makes the future of telecommunication networks going to the FTTH fibre optic networks. And Prophase Telecom will be part, without hesitation, of that future. With the technical equipment for handling fiber, measuring equipment and knowledge, Prophase Telecom, spent many years preparing to meet the challenges of the coming years in the field of telecommunication networks fiber to the home.

Deployment of WiMAX Networks

Prophase Telecom has a team and extensive expertise in the development of wireless networks in both licensed bands as unlicensed. He has worked in the design and implementation of various wireless networks, both public administrations and other telecom operators. The contribution has made a very quick deployment to cover the territory with a minimization of the expected cost of implementation, achieving a high return on investment.

Public Administration


MPLS – VPN projects

The evolution of telecommunications systems to the cloud, teleworking and connections between sites, demands the establishment of virtual private networks (VPN ) to ensure quality standards defined by the client on other traffic. This connections are prioritized over other connections on the same network and otherwise define high levels of security from one point to another without sacrificing the quality of the connection is established. In many cases , this type of point to point connections are established within the same Prophase Telecom network, without leaving to internet , thereby improving the customer in terms of reliability and security.
Likewise the standard Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), it also allows different services using a single connection can coexist without sacrificing quality. It is a protocol that is being imposed on other standards, providing greater reliability and performance. It is one of the ways to prioritize voice traffic ip, so that the customer receives excellent call quality offered by telecommunications networks implemented by Prophase Telecom.

Projects radio links for binding sites

Prophase Telecom has an engineering department itself, which allows both the design and the installation and optimization of point to point links between sites. The experience in various types of technologies allows, for each client, a more efficient and cost effective technology solution for each specific situation. Keep in mind that an inappropriate choice of technology and frequency employed may involve unnecessary costs, so Prophase Telecom initiated these studies with a detailed interview with the client to establish clear objectives and technical requirements each situation.
From Prophase Telecom, its engineers are trained to carry both the documentation phase against the relevant government agencies to certification and the facility meets for the requirements and parameters of transmitter / receiver.

Internet Guaranteed connections

The high demands of some companies and government can not be solved by Standard connections as existing on the market, most structured as flow shared by many users. Guaranteed throughput connections offered by Prophase Telecom offer service guarantee full availability of the contracted rate for 99.8% of the time. With response times to incidents very agile thanks to guaranteed monitoring circuits, specially developed by the Department of Engineering Prophase Telecom. As a result, major companies and telecom reference operator have contracted this type of service with Prophase Telecom.

Fibre Projects tended to binding sites

Prophase Telecom has the possibility of fibre optic circuits between branches of the same company, even hundreds of kilometers distension together. With own connections bundled applications, can be set via fibre optic circuits even between different countries. Once the feasibility phases of the point to point, a project is done as a cost study and monitoring systems to detect possible incidents as soon as they occur.

FTTH networks in polygons and populations

Prophase Telecom bet on the future of telecommunication networks. The increasing demand for bandwidth by users can be satisfied only by fiber-based networks. Therefore Prophase Telecom has existed for several years managing various fiber optic networks. These include the Parc Bit, Son Espanyol (Mallorca) and various point to point circuits with customers. Management includes continuous monitoring and assistance, as well as extensions to clients.
Prophase Telecom, from its engineering department, gives councils the ability to design and implementation of fiber optic to the home for both populations to industrial estates, which are the engines of the economy locally.
From Prophase Telecom, implementation, and optimization of the various points of the network is performed using the right material for different types of situations that demand.