We build networks and we are telecom operators

Prophase Telecom physically constructs networks, public or private, achieving the customer needs, and then manages its operation, technically holds and provides services.
In this way provides a turnkey solutions for corporate enterprises and end costumers. The solution to anyone who needs to build telecommunications networks and also provide them with Internet services, telephony, and any type of signal that is transmitted for broadband networks.

Optical fiber Networks and radio links

Prophase Telecom
works with different technologies to implement their networks. Its specialty is building fiber-optic networks and radio links. We work with several manufacturers’ worldwide reference in wireless technology for the deployment of WiMax, Radio and leaders in fiber optic solutions for building data circuits and facilities FTTH (fiber to the home).

Broadband Internet, VOIP & mobile telephony

Prophase Telecom provide broadband Internet to the needs of the costumers because it operates its own signal, so it can adapt to the needs of each client.
Prophase Telecom offers the service of managing IP telephony call traffic routed internally to the Internet for a performance telephony with high quality and remarkably smaller costs and pricing than the other conventional phone companies charge. It also has its own mobile virtual platform Prophase Telecom, offering a complete range of services for the customer.


Prophase Telecom reached a major distribution agreement with Alcoma

Prophase Telecom reached a major distribution agreement with the manufacturer ALCOMA to install their radio-links in operator customers. Prophase Telecom remains committed to innovation and open the range of products and services offered through this agreement with ALCOMA first order manufacturer. Moreover, Prophase Telecom has launched [...] Leer más