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Vision, Mission and Values ​​
The mission of Prophase Telecom, defines its reason to exist in the market and the way it has to focus its activity to satisfy their customers . Therefore it always seek:
- Provide telecommunications services, control and electronics, quality and attractive to residential, business , government and other telecom operators :
    * Telecommunication Services based on Internet access, fixed and mobile telephony and TV over fiber optic systems and licensed and unlicensed wireless networks and data processing centers and cloud services.
    * Automation and electronic control services for easy system-based programming and maintenance homes but also with high quality
- Create value and profitability for shareholders to achieve sustained growth based on research, development and knowledge.
- Act locally, in profitable niche market operations -oriented on results and based on low-cost but quality services to exceed customer expectations.
Prophase Telecom vision defines what aspires to become in the future and therefore sets the paths to make it happen :
- Be a Telecommunications Operator high quality residential and business customers with specific telecom needs.
- Become the best telecom operator in the local markets in which it operates, in terms of customer service and response to incidents and service offerings.
- Be committed to the truth of the deals, with job security and respect to health and the environment in all activities carried out.
Prophase Telecom values ​​define all areas of their business and are reflected below:
- Technology: We use the best technology available and we provide our clients to facilitate their use and improvement of their living conditions.
- Innovation: Prophase Electronics, base its activity and growth on innovation to be able to build on the best available technology. It therefore granted the highest priority to innovation and development of new products and services in telecommunications and electronics to offer in the local markets in which it operates.
- Aesthetics: Install maintaining the best possible aesthetics of installed equipment, professionally finished.
- Environment: we pledge to respect the environment and to design and implement energy efficient electronics and telecommunications systems and respectful to the environment and people.
- Focus on Customer, results and profitability:
- On Customers: All Prophase Telecom activity is focused on meeting the needs of customers, competitively, and providing quality.
- On results and profitability: return only allows subsistence activity and sustainable growth Prophase Electronics.
- People: Prophase Electronics promotes internal promotion opportunities based on responsibility, knowledge and professional and human contribution
- Safety and health: commitment to preventive activity and health at work to improve working conditions.
- Ethics : Commitment to professionalism , moral integrity and respect for people, living things and the environment